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Guitarists can go a lifetime knowing chords and scales, yet never know or understand exactly how to use them together. EZ KEY® instantly demonstrates what keys, chords and scales are and how they all work together. And it doesn’t stop there. While you are learning to use EZ KEY®, you are learning the basics of music theory, which will open up the world of music and its opportunities to you beyond just being a weekend warrior or couch player. You can even use EZ KEY® with your music lessons, music theory class and other music books to figure out songs by ear, to learn how to improvise and more. You will impress your friends with your developing knowledge and abilities. With practice, you will be able to walk into every opportunity and play with confidence, whether you know the music or not. You’ll be confident, thanks to EZ KEY®.

The EZ KEY® Calculator and book will train you how to think and expand your understanding of music and how to apply it to guitar and your guitar playing. Once you understand how to use EZ KEY®, the sky is the limit to what you can do with music and how to interpret it in other ways.

Note: EZ KEY® is not intended to teach you guitar as a beginner and assumes you know some basics.

EZ Key guitar chords made easy EZ KEY Calculator: EZ KEY® uses numbers, icons and colors to associate, find and teach information relating to music and the songs you want to write, play, transpose or learn by ear. The front is made up of two dials. The inner dial identifies chords, intervals, keys, notes and more. The outer dial quickly and easily transposes if the key is too difficult. The back of the EZ KEY® contains basic musical information to advance the guitarist’s knowledge, depending on individual needs. This information ranges from chords to scales, key signatures to theory-based formulas used for song performance and writing. The inside, titled “I Want to Learn…”, contains definitions of musical terms, as well as abbreviated instructions on how to find the information you are looking for.

EZ Key music theory book EZ KEY Book: The goal of the EZ KEY® book is to teach you how to use EZ KEY® for guitar and expand on what you already know, helping you delve deeper and expand your musical knowledge and abilities. The book also contains exercises, original musical compositions and other valuable information to provide you, the guitarist, with the tools you need to help you become a great guitar player. How great depends on you!

Links to Sample EZ KEY Book Pages (PDF)

EZ KEY Music Calculator Sample Page
70's Blues Rock Music Sample Page
Chords Sample Page

EZ KEY music theory CDs
Interactive CD Tracks: Use the Narration CD to guide you through this lesson book. Narration is provided for each section and exercises throughout the book to help you better understand music and how to use your EZ KEY® to its fullest potential. Use the Practice CD when learning, improvising and playing along with practice exercises and songs.


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 EZ KEY Calculator Review & Exercises

 70's Blues Rock Practice Track Sample

 Chords Narration Track Sample

Disclaimer: *EZ KEY® is a tool and does not in any way guarantee your results. EZ KEY® is a tool used to help guitarists understand how different elements of music function together, just as a calculator is used to demonstrate and formulate answers for mathematics.